Just A Quick Note

Just a note to let anyone who might visit that I haven’t quit but rather on another site of mine I have been commenting a lot on things going on in Baton Rouge and Louisiana in general lately. One thing of note I guess is our governor here has presidential ambitions. Personally I think he is delusional and suffers with an overly inflated ego and sincerely hope most Americans agree with me and send this harbinger to ancient times packing. Oh well enough political commentary I will get back to posting tech bits with some frequency again shortly.

Windows & OSX On A Macbook Pro

I just acquired a new computer a Macbook Pro 15″ to be exact. Everything I read about this model said it basically is not user serviceable, therefore I ordered it pretty much loaded and took the Apple Care Plan with it. I wanted something I could throw in a backpack and haul around with me. I haven’t had a Windows only PC in several years now as everything I find myself using runs OSX, IOS, Android, or Linux. However every now and then I do find myself needing Windows for various reasons so on 2 computers I own (Macs) I do run Windows as an aside every now and then. On my main desktop (a Mac mini 6,1) I run Windows 7 using Bootcamp and that works really well with only one caveat.. rebooting between OSs.  On the Macbook I decided to try Parallels Desktop and Windows7 I have to say that I am impressed at how well it works. Full screen mode is awesome and the feature coherence works excellently. I had tried it on the Mac mini but the performance seemed sluggish which is why I opted to use Bootcamp instead. I am no hardware guru but the two systems are relatively equally matched except the Macbook has a 1TB SSD while the Mac mini is using a slower 1TB (5400-rpm) hard drive. The graphics horsepower on the Macbook Pro is more as well but in the VM role I think that the data access time is the most major difference especailly since I don’t run anything really graphically intensive. Windows Experience Index Results To quantify this I ran Microsoft’s Windows Experience Index Tool (WEI) to see how Windows saw the Macbook Pro hardware capabilities. I realize that this is a very basic benchmark but I do feel it provides a reasonable baseline view of a computers capableness as it relates to being able to run Windows . When I set up the Windows VM I split the resources between OSX and Windows equally and enabled every other performance setting. The resulting score was a 7.0 out of a possible 7.9. The Graphic gives the categorical breakdown of the score. All things considered I prefer this to Bootcamp and really do consider this a valid option (installable pay for it feature even) for anyone who owns a recent Macbook Pro and needs decent reliable access to Windows occasionally. IMHO it is more than adequate and really is an enhancement for Windows or OSX when they are used together. I am (on a Macbook Pro anyway) impressed.