More Car Stuff

Just a note to let anyone who might be curious what I’ve been up too. Since buying a relatively fast new car I have been doing some modifications to wake it up a little. I started with a Roush Mustang Exhaust Kit and a C & L Cold Air Intake with this a custom tune had to be done. The tune is really the part where the car gets woke up of course now to achieve max performance premium gas is a must. No biggie though as that was what I was running anyway. I also had one handling modification done which consisted of new springs along with lower and upper control arms with the net effect being no wheel hop when stepping on the gas hard and a general glued to the ground feel as the car sits about an inch lower now. The ride is a little stiffer but hey it is supposed to be a sports car right. I don’t see myself adding any more performance mods for awhile but I may do some light appearance ones though. Cars are and have been one of my longest running obsessions.. especially fast ones.